What We Do

We are a boutique firm providing our clients bespoke services and representation with respect and integrity. We maintain a transparent and professional relationship throughout, from initial instruction to case closure.

Our Work

Our scope of services range from advising and acting for individual and corporate clients, including project driven global mobility, in matters relating to immigration and citizenship laws of New Zealand; risk advisory; audit reviews; code of conduct and regulatory compliance; and business consultation in aligning licensed immigration adviser practices to statutory requirements and professional industry standards.

Our Clients

We work direct with our clients with our extensive expertise in matters.

We are selective with our engagements and focus on simplifying complex issues and are solution driven. We work with correspondent firms globally and have matters referred to us for our expertise in relation to New Zealand. Where matters fall outside the scope of our services, these are referred on with the agreement of the client.

New Zealand Visa Categories & Services





Work visa – Essential Skills, Global Impact,┬áSpecific Purpose, Work to Residence


Global Impact;


Residence from Work;

Skilled Migrant Category




Employer Accreditation;

Declined application review;

Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) review;

Section 61 request;

Variation of Conditions;

Visa eligibility assessment;

Visa transfer

Immigration Advisers Authority:

Licensed immigration adviser audit and compliance

Provisional licence supervision

Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal:

Decision commending Zeenat Afiz